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Beloved. There is nothing our Lord Jesus Christ cannot do for us.

Great People of God. Grace to you. Peace, Honor and mercy. The Glory of God is your Portion in the Mighty name of Jesus.

I am reminding you ones more about the Truth that there is nothing our Lord Jesus Christ cannot do for us.

Jesus Christ have all the super power over every other powers, to do everything. Remember that our Lord Jesus Christ raised even a rotten berried dead body. He walked on the sea. He opened the eyes of the blind. Jesus Christ. Has healed a woman flowing with blood for 12 wasted great years.

According to the Bible in the Book of Mathew 11 verse 5. The great and awesome miracles that our Lord Jesus Christ has done, some of them are written there. For everyone who is alive and breathing the air of God should know that God is. And His beloved Son Jesus Christ is. The power of the Holy Spirit is strongly at work.

The active blood that flow from the mountain of Calvary is still alive and working seriously on us.

Therefore, allow yourself for the power of His Grace to abound with you. Then whatever things that is needed, and you ask Him, He will do all for you.

Jesus Christ is in Love with you. He want you very close to Him. Do as the Prodigal Son. And Nicodemusly go to Jesus Christ. Bless You.

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Book of Mathew Jesus Christ


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