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Will God Forgive Ella Bama for Her Words? Read What She Said In Interview with Arnold Elavanyo

The Bible as it is stated in the Pauline epistle according to Romans 1:24,

"Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonour their bodies among themselves,"

This particular Scripture speaks volumes of the end-time activities as at the time it was been written. On the last day's men, thus, both men and women because they refuse to accept and recognise God, He too will give up on them to uncleanness. And it is no wonder some men and women are not ashamed to expose themselves up in the public without any shame. They speak against the church and men of God without any sense of fear. Someone said, is it the failure of the Church or it is the people who do not respect God's servants nowadays?

Over the past weekend, I watched an interview granted by Arnold Elavanyo while he interviewed on TV a young model named Ella Bama. According to the young lady, she said, and I quote" I don't mind sleeping with Pastors, their assistance and all the men in the Church either they are married or not and later ask God for forgiveness." Will God forgive her since she knows perfectly well her actions? Anyway, the path of God is past finding out. Ella Bama finally said that her father is a pastor himself, but she can't have sexual intercourse with her father but when she can do that outside her father's church when she was asked.

Just read her statement and make your assertion of that. I suggest that God is compassionate He will forgive her, what about you? Please follow me.

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