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Reverend Father videoed taking “holy kiss” from female students.

A video depicts the Reverend Father of the St Monica's College of Education in Mampong, Ashanti Region, giving passionate kisses with each female student.

The act was dubbed a "holy kiss" to officially welcome new converts to the body of Christ Jesus from the school. 

The Reverend Father, dressed in his regular robe, pulls each of the students towards himself and kisses their lips. Some of these students were on nose masks when he pulled them and told them to remove their masks.

As the ostensibly sacred activity continued, the congregation rejoiced and screamed while some student decided to video the act of the Reverend Father.

It is yet uncertain whether female students are required to exchange a so-called "Holy kiss" with the Reverend Father as a sign of welcome into the church.

The video has gone viral and has kept people worried which has created a lot of attention.

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