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Monday Morning: Say this prayer before you step out today for financial breakthrough

David's turning point came when he defeated Goliath. This week, your Goliath disturbing your finances shall now to you in Jesus name. Did Esther not experience her turning point the day King Ahasuerus set his eyes on her? What about Joseph, did he not get his turning point the moment he interpreted the dream of Pharaoh in Genesis? The door of his destiny opened wide.

#1. Heavenly Father, I exalt and give you Glory for bringing me this far.

#2. Father cleanse and forgive me of all my inequities and draw me nearer to thy love.

#3. I am grateful for Your mercy that I have received throughout the year and this month.

#4. Lord, I look upon the Blood of Jesus this week. Guide and guard my life from the arrows of the evil one.

#5. Lord, let the arrows of decree of financial stagnation return back and expire now in Jesus name.

#6. O agents of financial limitation working against my life, you shall no more prevail; woe unto you now in the name of Jesus Christ.

#7. Arrows of financial demotion, return back to the sender immediately by fire and thunder in Jesus name.

#8. Arrows of afflictions decreed and fired to paralyze me, my finances and my destiny, receive condemnation now.

Sing any worshipped song and repeat the prayer seven times.

Thank God for answering your prayers and supplications.

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