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Nothing can move you away from God as you plant yourself soul in Him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ

Beloved of God. The real heart of you for God is all that you need. For nothing absolutely nothing that the enemy will plan and program can take you away from God as you plant yourself soul in Him. Since Peter has totally planted himself in Jesus Christ, so he has been able to tell Jesus to His face that He is the only one who can save and keep. So he Peter is not going to leave Jesus Christ and go to any worthless place.

Psalm 62 verse 5. Is boldly keeping us to our toes that we should not be afraid of anything about satan. Because God will not let it move us. Job wasn't moved away from God. Even though the enemy believes to be dealing with him, yet Job kept his ground strong in the Lord Our God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. And has rather ended up receiving the double portion of the blessing which he has ever lost.

Today, many people couldn't endure the pressure of life in God if it comes to God testing them for their blessings. But I know you can do it. And this is the main time when you are not gaining as you think. And you see that others are doing well. And friends are advising you to do it on your own. But if you are in God then wait on Him. Bless You.

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