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She Will Not Join Our Ancestors - Ajagurajah Reveals

Bishop Kwabena Asiamah also known as “ajagurajah”, has revealed the cause and aftermath of Linda pinaman's untimely death, with reference from his spiritual wisdom.

In a video sighted by HOTENT, pastor Asiamah spoke about so many things that the canal mind cannot ascribe meaning to.

At the beginning of his disclosure, he made it clear the senior high school student was suffering from spiritual depression, which is one reason she decided to end her own life. The man of God said this kind of depression is a tool used by the devil to destroy the lives of human beings.

Throwing more light on his assertion, he indicated that, there are some individuals who die and never make it to the land of the dead. According to him, this category of individuals fail to cross the river meant for those who have exited the physical world.

'Ajagurajah' said according to the knowledge he has acquired from the bible, people who do not die naturally are separated from those who joined their ancestors the normal way.

From the scenario created, he was trying to tell the public that, Linda will not be moving to a suitable location in the spiritual realm since her death wasn't divine.

In addition to this, he said it is better to die at the right time than to commit suicide because, the consequences that follow are not pleasant at all.

Do you have anything to say about his recent revelation?

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