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Nana Agraada Jabs false Ghanaian prophets again; "Are you talking about the real God?"

It is not any more astonishing how Nana Agradaa consistently express her real thoughts to bogus and self aclaimed prophets in the country. 

Dr Patricia Asiedua prominently known as Nana Agradaa has taken another wipe to Pastors on the sort of God they generally talk about. As per the delightful Priestess when we discover benevolence we ought to get judgment and we discover favor and elegance when we don't merit it. This all streams out of a God who is charitable , equitable and sympathetic. 

God sees every one of our conditions and as opposed to leaving us in it to battle for ourselves, He rather helps us. This is on the grounds that His empathy will not permit Him to leave us in an express that we are in. God's increadible empathy makes Him excuse our wrongdoings, bring help or in any event, present to us a gift, not on the grounds that we 've acquired it, but since of his sympathy inspired by His adoration. God's sympathy is a focal part of what His identity is. She added.

Nana Agradaa who is consistently on the neck of bogus prophets and Pastors has addressed them on the sort of God they generally love and brought in their Churches. More often than not, we see Pastors doing the inverse in their Churches as look at in the Bible. So kindly can any Pastor disclose to me the sort of God they are discussing. She addressed. 

The excellent Priestess cum TV lady further proceeded to express that Ghanaians Pastors should zero in on salvation instead of misdirecting Ghanaians for the sake of marvels, God doesn't work that way, God work in his own specific manner and not the methods of man. 

Nana Agradaa finished up by urging christians to stroll in the adoration for God, embrace his empathy, get his integrity and recall his devotion. God's arms are in every case totally open prepared to accept you and remind you the amount he much he adores you. After all that is what god's identity is, on the grounds that He is love.

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Ghanaian Nana Agraada Jabs Nana Agradaa Patricia Asiedua


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