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"This Is What I Used To Break Spiritual Marriage"

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My name is Mr. Fred and I come your way with another powerful secret rituals that I used to deal with spiritual marriage. Spiritual marriage is one of the most painful spirit in this world , how can you sleep with someone whom you haven't set your eyes on him or her before.

Spiritual marriage has caused so many people to their downfall and also it has cause people to leave their marriages. Spiritual marriage can even lead you to barrenness and it can also lead you to poverty.

Look at the way things are not moving on well in your life, someone may promise you that I will marry you, or I will help you but all of a sudden the person will refused, isn't it painful? That is why God has given me the secret of these spirit to deal with them.

In this article, am going to show you what I used to break spiritual marriage and how people has been set free .

Things needed:

1. One Red new rubber bucket ( please don't used any other Bucket apart from what has been instructed here)

2. Two local egg (Asante egg)

3. Evil Casting perfume ( this perfume is made by me and is full of 21 different types of herbs. We do delivery and is not sold in any stores )

4. Momodica Fotidae (Nyanya)

How to do it .

Step 1. Please draw a circle in your room or outside your room and put your red bucket in the circle.

Step 2. Put your Momodica Fotidae ( Nyanya) into the water, add your two local eggs to it and cover it till the evening.

Step 3. Take it around 12am and add your Evil Casting Perfume to it .

Step 4. Mention your name seven times on the rituals, and say this incartations

'O Ye thou spiritual marriage, I surmmon you to the Spirit of high Angels , you will not follow me again nor come back to me again. Angels of the sea, the land , the sky and the moon should protect me from you this spirit."

After you have finished the incantations, please used the local egg to rub all over your body by saying " am no longer a slave to a spiritual marriage" and bath the water by using the Momodica Fotidae as a sponge .

Early in the morning, go and look for a four square junction by bursting the eggs at the Junction . That is all you have finish dealing with the spiritual marriage.


please if only you will do this rituals, try to let me send you some of my items , we do worldwide delivery and I promise you that your life will never be the same. If you have any spiritual problem please Contact me for spiritual help on Zero Two four eight six nine six zero three nine. Don't use any other perfume or it won't work

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