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Men who lay treasures up for themselves on earth and also in the cemetery

The Bible states emphatically that we shouldn't lay for ourselves treasures on earth but rather look forward to laying treasures in Heaven. This is based on the fact that as humans, we are bound to die any time in our lives and therefore, the toil and the struggles on this earth shouldn't be something we should worry about. After all, we are going to leave everything behind without even taking a penny to the other side of life. That is the sad reality of this life

This quotation literally advises us to do good so as to land a spot in Heaven other than using all of our time on worldly things. The worldly things won't leave this earth with us no matter how heavy their magnitude is.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't work on earth because truth be told, if you tend not to work on Earth so as to find food, you will really suffer. The same Bible which tells us to find treasures in Heaven and not on earth also advises us to work hard and therefore, you decide to put up a lazy behavior at your own cost.

Death is inevitable and no matter how hard you try to escape its grip, it will still come for you. Normally, when people die, we see them leave the world in just a modified version of how people are brought into this world. We come into the world without wearing anything and leave as the same. The only difference is, we leave with clothes on and also, sometimes in coffins.

This is where you get to understand the connotation behind we not laying for ourselves treasures on this earth. Inasmuch as this quote has gone viral in the whole of this world, some people decided to cause a little glitch by requesting for weird treatments when they finally had to leave this earth.

These people instead of being buried in coffins that like we do see on a normal basis decided to raise the bar too high. They would prefer to be laid in cars other than in caskets.

I think this is very unnecessary since no matter what you do, there is nothing which is going to get you resurrected. Why not give these cars to people in need other than burying them deep within the soil? Well, they were just trying to communicate to the world that they worked for those stuff and therefore, nobody was worthy of inheriting them.

I do not know what you think about these but I think they were inappropriate and very needless taking into consideration the people who could benefit from these properties.

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