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No Style Can Compel A Man To Buy You A Car Without Spiritual Backing - Bishop Ajagurajah

Head Pastor and frontliner of the Ajagurajah movement whose real name is Bishop Kwabena Asiamah has sent out a sincere advise to ladies out there who would like to benefit financially from their partners.

According to Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, it is not the kind of bedroom styles you give a man that will compel him to bless you with his money. However, there are some spiritual rites you should perform as a lady if you want to get money from any man you come across.

He stated that, there are lot of ladies who have met big men who control a large amount of wealth but haven't been able to benefit from the wealth they came across simply because they had no spiritual backing.

In a recent interview monitored by Aramkay, the Prophet stated with confidence that, most ladies who are identified cruising in some of the most expensive cars were able to acquire their wealth through some form of spiritual god.

However, they will prefer to keep it a secret and enjoy their wealth in secrecy rather than coming out to publicized the actual root of their sudden wealth.

He revealed that there are some ladies who have currently decided to use spiritual power to estort money from men they wish to get financial assistance from.

During his disclosure, he made it clear some ladies are traveling to countries like Burkina Faso, Senegal and Cameroon to acquire spiritual charms they can use to drain money from their partners in order to survive in this world.

In relation to this disclosure, he took the opportunity to advise young men to be vigilant because some ladies of nowadays have become too desperate for wealth to the extent that, they can do anything to control the mentality of their male partners through spiritual means. (fast-forward to 23:00-26:00)

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