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The cathedral predicament: Is Nana Addo the Solomon of our generation?

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s decision to build a cathedral for the people of Ghana is one of his decisions which has sparked several controversies on the internet and several platforms. Despite the backlash and discouraging words from his own people and even pastors who were supposed to cheer him on, he has stayed by his plan and decision to build the cathedral.

What many Ghanaians do not understand is why Nana Addo’s decision is of so much interest to him and making him give a deafening ear to the general public. Could it be due to a promise made? Is it a spiritual direction? Is it a personal decision to follow the steps of Solomon after he was made king? These are questions many people have probably refused to ask themselves.

However, there could be some sparks of truth in the fact that Nana Addo probably made a promise to God after his years of struggling to become a president wasn’t an easy one. Nana Addo could be building this cathedral as a temple of God in appreciation to making his dream as a president come true. However, many have also questioned Nana Addo on why he is soliciting for help from Ghanaians if he claims he wants to build a cathedral.

This is no different from the history of kings in the Bible and their decision to build a temple for God. Many of the temples and houses built for the worship of God were built with resources from different people who believed in the essence of God’s temple since it’s a place to seek the wisdom and favor of God. Are we living in the age of King Solomon under the leadership of Nana Addo?

Is the cathedral one of the lists in Nana Addo’s to-do lists as a president that will never be canceled or ticked until completion? And will Nana Addo successfully complete this cathedral before leaving office? Kindly share your thoughts.

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