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Satan gave these assignments to his children to execute. We see and hear them all over in the world

This is Mr. Lukuntu's story, a former occultist whose testimony will reveal the devil's secrets. Jesus-is-Coming is the name of this page.

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He was the devil's representative, Lucifer's proxies are the representatives. They are the ones that receive direct orders from Lucifer. There are also counterfeit servants of God among these Lucifer's agents.

He even worked in churches as a Satan's servant. They had to do all in their power to render the church harmless since it represented the visible element of Jesus Christ's army. In the Church, Satan assigned them tasks:

The initial task was to render Christians illiterate in God's Word. "Once Christians are unaware of the Word, their faith will be weak," Lucifer warned them. "If Children of God abide in the Word, they will easily avoid his traps," Lucifer warned them.

The second commandment of Lucifer states that Christians should not be allowed to study the Bible, but instead should be allowed to read newspapers, novels, and religious books.

Some folks do not have a Bible, but when you visit their home, you will find many books, such as "Awake" and "Watchtower." Are you aware of the source of these books? Bring your Jehovah Witness books, such as "Watchtower" and "Awake," to the church so they can pray for you and burn them. It's devilish!

This Jehovah Witnesses sect is not a Christian church. The first evidence of a Satanic church is this: any church that denies Jesus' divinity is a Satanic church. Even the devil recognizes Jesus as the Son of God! Jesus is God, and He will stay God, whether the Jehovah Witnesses like it or not.

The second task was to make the offerings and tithes seem uninteresting. This is also connected to Satan's third and fourth commandments.

"Tell Christians that God, their Father, doesn't need tithes and sacrifices, but that it is their pastors who steal from them," reads Lucifer's third commandment.7

"Keep Christians in poverty by forbidding them from giving tithes and sacrifices," says the fourth commandment. As a result, even the devil is aware of the secrets of blessing.

The final mission was to sabotage the Church's plans by infiltrating the leaders with witches. When selecting leaders, exercise extreme caution; it must be done in accordance with God's will.

The fourth mission was to disorient praise and worship, directing it towards Lucifer. They were able to accomplish this by easily manipulating keyboardists, instrumentalists, and choristers. It is quite dangerous to have folks who sing but do not have a life of prayer.

There are persons who sing for the purpose of being admired but do not live a life of holiness. He'll describe how they conducted themselves in churches. The devil can take advantage of every opportunity to do ill.

If you pay attention to what the former occultist says, you'll realize that it's absolutely important and even crucial for our God to blind all of our adversaries when they come to attack us, so that they can't see us, our houses, our projects, our children, and everything else that belongs to us.

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