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Uproarious church banners which shook the core of the internet after bursting out into the limelight

During our childhood days, our parents got to teach us many basic things in life which they think would help us in our journey of life. They taught us to respect other people, care for other people and also be disciplined in our journey of life. The foundation on which these principles were based was mostly religion. Religion has guided us to do the right things at the right moment and also in the right way. The morality attached to our religious values has really prevented many evil from happening.

For this reason, we have never underestimated the power of religion in our various vicinities and we have always made sure to uphold the rules on which religion is based. Amongst the various religions on which we derive our moral values is the Christian religion. Sundays and Saturdays sees many people going to the various churches in this country to worship our creator. It is all seriousness when we get to step in our various churches because we wouldn't want to leave the same way we entered the churches. It wouldn't make any sense if you stepped foot in a church and yet, never sees any manifestation in your life.

Even though, most people go to church on Sundays and Saturdays, these churches have other days on which they meet and worship. You get to hear of "fire convention", "revival", "all night service", "midweek service" and others. These are the peripheries to the Christian worship which attaches to the main ones on Saturdays and Sundays.

In this article, the core focus is based on some churches who decided to take their church banners too far. In their quest to hosting revivals and other fire conventions, they decided to make banners which would push their programs to other parts of the country. These banners were very cool but in the end, they turned out sparking reactions about how funny they were. Let us go straight into them

1. The writings in this banner is in pidgin but it literally means, "Oh God, is this how we are going to be?" This message is literally telling us that, the church members do not like the position in which they find themselves and they are crying on God asking him that, is that how they are going to be forever? They are expecting their lives to change for the best.

2. Looking at the theme for this revival, you get to see that it is all going to be fireworks. These people are really moving to the devil and I like their approach to it

3. Have you ever watched an action movie? Well, this fire convention is going to give you glimpses of the scenes you saw in those movies. Like soldiers in the army of the Lord, the church members are coming together to point and kill every witch in their families.

4. Breakout Miracle Ministry International is also telling us that they are not going to let their enemies rest. These guys have initiated a 4 day prayer summit and they never mind killing all their enemies. The funniest aspect of this picture is the pastor holding a catapult, I guess his enemies have to wear a helmet.

5. The theme for this meeting is, "who stole my wedding gown?" This is a very powerful theme as it raises a question about people snatching the wedding gowns of other people from them in the spiritual world. Obviously, powers in the dark world are going to be responsible for this act.

These five banners are really banners which were hoisted up high like flags by churches so as to push their meetings to the outside. Kindly let me know which of these bands you think was spot on in the comments section below.

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