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46 lessons in 46 years

As Okyeame Kwame reflects on his life forty years down the lane, he pens down forty lessons he has learned. He posted this on his Facebook page and below is a screenshot of his post.

He wrote, "Sunday reflections 

46 lessons in 46 years.

1. I am. I am made in the image of the I am, therefore I am too. I am complete, capable, and creative.

2. Nobody is coming to save me. I am my own messiah, and the helper I have been waiting for.

3. Perfection is an illusion. Unless it is defined as a good balance of good and bad.

4. I am capable of order and disorder. But I choose order over the other.

5. The wars in life are first fought in the mind. There is a conflict between my real self and my ideal self which manifests itself in my dealings with others.

6. I can’t learn to love, I must rather unlearn all the false teachings of my society, then, I am love completely.

7. The war between God and satan is fought in the heaven of the mind. It is between the ego and the we-go, selfish vrs selfless.

8. I’m not defined by my genes and brain activities alone, I’m defined by love, or the lack of it thereof.

9. the brain is different from the mind, it is the receiver, and the latter is a broadcasting signal.

10. I am the consequence of my subconscious mind, which is nothing but the rules and regulations taught to me by others. This primitive mind sabotages me or uplifts me.

11. I have two basic minds, the subconscious, and the conscious mind. The subconscious is 95 percent of the mind, and the conscious is only 5 percent. The conscious controls my wishes and desires, if I wish to change my habits, to become a better person, I must repeatedly put my wishes in action, so my subconscious mind knows I mean it and agrees to let me be it.

12. My Prayer is usually telling God what to do, and meditation is listening to what God is telling me to do. So I meditate more than I pray.

13. God is happier when I dance, than when I pray. This is because I am happier when my children are happily dancing, than when they are begging for things from me.

 14. Whenever I observe without the ego, prejudice, judgement, and my pre-programmed conditioning , I see clearer.

15. The earth is a beautiful garden, we just need to replant the flowers and trees and be intelligent about soil use, so it can heal.

16. Most people are very nice, kind, and helpful; it’s just a few conflicted individuals who make the world seem sour.

17. More marriages succeed, but, the bitterness which is associated with the ones that don’t are just loud. 

18. Nobody can cheat on me, you cheat yourself out of the loving relationship we have built.

19. Negative energy is more potent than positive energy. It is easier to destroy a house than to build it. But satisfaction from positivity lasts forever.

20. I have more to learn from my children than to teach them. They are pure, real, and wise.

21. Resorting to violence means I have run out of intelligent options.

22. Jesus was right when he said ,unless I am a child, I cannot go to God.

23. Anger is a consequence of thought and sensation which is trapped in the past. There is no progressive future with anger.

24. The ant is not in my house I am rather on its house , a no violence policy is good for us . 

25. There is a high possibility that when I’m 60 my doctor will advice that I lower my consumption of sugar and salt and stop eating meat completely. So I’ve advised myself already.

26. I can’t call an action love if it is not given by me. As long as I want it back, it is not love, it’s a transaction.

27. Love is not a two way traffic; that is a transaction. Love is a give give give give affair.

28. A focused man can be faithful to only one woman for the rest of his life, but it will not exempt him from having thoughts of cheating, unless he is a god. 

29. We choose our actions based on what we find valuable. I don’t force a relationship with people who don’t value me.

30. It is easier to heal from forgiveness than vengeance 

31. When I say I love you, I don’t mean I will do only things you like. I will also do things I like that you may not like. 

32. I love animal life so much I can no longer take it or eat it. 

33. I treat everyone I meet as a God unless they demand to be treated as men through the lack of integrity. 

34. Knowledge is intellect, knowing is intelligence. 

35. Wisdom is the intelligence of love. 

36. I teach my children that, mistakes are a part of the growing process and teach myself that patience is part of the teaching process. 

37. I no longer ask my wife why she frowns, it is not my face. 

38. Money is a byproduct of a job well done. 

39. Third world is not a geographical area, it’s a state of mind. 

40. I know all religions have truths but no one religion has all truths so I learn from all religions. 

41. Love your nature , it is yourself . 

42. I thought without meat in my food, I couldn’t taste the vegetables , then I took meat out of my food and now I taste the vegetables.

43. We have not inherited the earth from our forefathers, we are renting it from our unborn children.

44. I’m alive because the earth is revolving, thank you earth, the sun is burning , thank you sun, the tree is breathing, thank you tree, the farmer is planting, thank you farmer and because my fans are listening to my music, thank you fans.

45. The more I learn , the more I learn that I need to learn more!

46. The more I grow, the more I know I’m changing from this body into something I cannot touch . 

Bonus: War is when rich old people who know themselves send poor young people who do not know themselves to kill themselves with the aim of settling the scores between the old people. Isn’t this foolishness?


Photography by : Sarboat Photography"

What will you also learn from this?

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Okyeame Kwame


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