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These Throwback Pictures of Diana Antwi Hamilton Will Teach You 10 Lessons in Life

The beginning of everything and everyone’s life could be difficult and sometimes very discouraging due to the issues surrounding your life but it is the end that matters. The Bible said the “End of a thing is far better than the beginning. In this article, I want to share 10 lessons of life with you through the throwback pictures of Diana Antwi Hamiltion. When you finish reading, pick your old childhood pictures, look at and compare to your present, give thanks to God and prophecy into your own future.

1. There is time for everything. There is time for everything under sun. You do not have to rush. Your time will surely come.

 2. Never underestimate small beginnings. Though your beginning is small, yet your end shall be exceedingly great.

 3. Consistency in developing yourself and your talent pays at the end. Diana started singing very early in life but it is her consistency at the things she does that has brought her this far. Do not stop! Keep doing it!

 4. There is a Great God of Grace. Her song Adom (Grace) is a whole sermon on this. In your pursuit in life, always seek and pray for grace.

 5. There is a shining stage of everyone’s life. Diana started singing for a very long time. Her beginning was her polishing stage and her current status is her shining stage. The better the polish, the better your shine in life.

 6. You need a loyal partner and friends to go higher in life: Diana and the husband have come a very long way as well as her loyal friend right from school days.

 7. Remain focused and glued to your God despite the circumstance: The Diana you see today has really gone through tough times but remained strong, kept her faith and emerged victorious.

 8. Your life is your testimony and your song. Sing it! Write it into books! The very things you go through in life is for a purpose. Don’t waste your experiences no matter how terrible and shameful they are. There could be a book or a powerful song hidden behind it.

 9. There is no shortcut in life to greatness. Diana did not shoot into fame within a day. It is a gradual process. Do not cut off your process thinking it is too long and time wasting. The more the training, the more you gain grounds to be firmly rooted in your glory.

10. Manage your years of silence, your single life and the moments of your glorious public life very well; for you have no idea what the future holds for you. Diana is one of the few people that you will hardly hear lots of nativities about her pat and present life. No one is a an angel but for the sake of the future, learn to control yourself.

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