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Ajagurajah Sends Strong Warning To Fair Ladies On 3 Things They Should Never Do

In a video currently trending on social media, the prophet made some quite revelation about fair ladies and gentlemen and what they are to avoid doing.

According to the Prophet, firstly, any fair lady should not be close to the river side after the hours of 6pm as marine spirits may end up having spiritual marriage with you.

Also, he indicated that almost every fair lady is beautiful so they sometimes look down on the men that come their way. Most end up mistreating their men with the mindset of getting another when that leaves.

Treat your men well so that you don't remain unmarried while your dark friends enjoy their married lives. He further on warned both fair ladies and gentlemen not to ever have sexual intercourse in pools.

That could also amount to spiritual marriage. Finally, he advised that a fair lady should never consider the idea of attending festivals as different sprits are invoked upon. They may end up marrying them spiritually.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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