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How to identify false men of God.

The Holy book made it clear that in the last days, false men of God will come and deceive many. Many people have fallen to seduction spirits and doctrines of devils because of how uninformed the church has been in recent times. Many people want to know the truth about the things of God but some men of God have twisted the Gospel for thier own gains.

Today I will be showing you how to identify a man of God who work for himself and not for God. The following are the key elements of a true man of God.

In the first place, every true man of God is anointed. The people of God has over the years miss the understanding of anointing. Annointing simply refers to an appointment by God for a purpose. Simply put, Annointing equals appointment. Saul was an anointed King because he was first appointed by God. David was also anointed because he was appointed. The key here is that, every person God used in the Bible he first called them. On this note, every man of God who don't have history of transition is questionable. This is because, you need to have a starting place before God called you or give you the appointment.

Also, every true man of God is anointed for service. God appoint leaders of his church to serve them. Any man of God who wants the church to hail or serve them is questionable. Jesus ones told Peter to look after the flock and feed his sheep. Any man of God who does not feed his church with the word of God is questionable.

Be careful with men of God who don't take care of the needy in the church. Be careful with men of God who finds it difficult to preach about repentance. Be careful about men of God who spends God’s money on themselves rather than the poor and needy in the church and community. Be careful about men of God who don't have scriptural depth but alway desire to preach with common sense. Common sense is Good but it's not enough to lead the people of God. Be careful of a prayer less man of God.

I pray for you today in the name of Jesus. May God bless you with the ability discerning between good and bad. May God keep you and preserve you and your family from any bad wind of the enemy. Stay blessed.

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