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Throwback: Meet the only African President who was also an Usher at church.

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Humidity is clearly stated in the Bible. The word of God opposes pride and grants grace to the humble. This is clearly shown in the Bible quote below.

"Therefore, humble yourself under God's mighty hand, so that he may raise you up in due time. All of your worries should be directed at him because he really cares for you" 6-7 in 1 Peter 5: (NIV).

Church ushers play an important role in many religions. The definition of an usher has a long history, as terms like "Doorkeepers" or "Gatekeepers" were once used to describe similar positions to that of an usher. The term Gatekeepers was used in 2 Kings 22:4 to refer to the related positions of an usher. Gatekeepers were also used in the contest in Psalm 84:10. In certain churches denominations, an usher's responsibilities or functions include seating guests and ensuring the order or protection of services.

Ushering is a popular form of volunteer work, and one African man breaks all odds. This article introduces the only African president who served as a church usher.

Had taught chemistry and mathematics as an instructor. He later left his teaching job to work as an industrial chemist for the Nyanza Cooperative Union Limited. He was declared the winner of the elections held on October 25, 2015, despite strong opposition from the opposition candidate. The National Electoral Commission (NEC) declared President Magufuli the winner after securing 58 percent of the total votes cast. On November 5, 2015, he was sworn in as Tanzania's president. When the Late Magufuli was nominated as the CCM's presidential nominee in October 2020, he announced that he would run in the elections.

Magufuli was elected as the CCM's presidential nominee at the time and he died on 17th March 2021, may his soul rest in peace.

This late president was seen collecting a bid as an usher during a church service in the photos below.

To see the images, scroll down.

A sitting African President's unusual show of humidity in front of the most high God.

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