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I want to quit going to church since no one can explain these two bible verses to me

Religion being the bedrock or faith and worship and the belief in a supernatural being or deity and as well as the belief in life after death has influenced our lives in so many ways.

However many religious leaders and followers do not take their time in asking thoughtful questions about their religion but rather accept what ever they are taught.

I came across a verses in the Bible which I find very hard to comprehend and as a serious believer of the word I cannot just accept something without understanding its meaning.

The Bible is seen as the holy book of the Christians and as such must contain zero errors or any form of contradictions whatsoever but in my case these three verses totally contradict one another or unless there is someone who can best explain them to my understanding.

The verse John 10:30 we’re made to believe that Christ Jesus and God our father in heaven are one due to the trinity which explains God to be in father, son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

However in the verses John 13:16 and mark 12:29 as well as acts 3:13 clear says a different story which is somewhat confusing and makes it difficult to understand.

I know a lot of people will claim I do not have so call spiritual understanding but please what is spiritual in trying to understand something with my brain? .

John 13:16 explains the fact that the servant (Jesus) is not greater than his lord( God) nor is he that is sent ( Jesus) greater than he that sent him (God).

In the verse mark 12:29 Jesus explains to his disciples and followers that the lord God is one lord which makes him the only God with nor other God aside him.

Why then do we have 3 “God” made up in one in the case of the first verse 10:30 which relatives to the holy trinity.

Finally, in the verse acts 3:13 once agin explains that God has glorified his servant ( Jesus) who was handed over to be killed ( romans) even though he was decided to let go ( remember Pilate washed his hands from the death of Jesus).

These three verses I just explained are very confusing and I find it difficult to understand and wish there will be any Christian leader or pastor who can best explain them to my understanding.

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