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Check out what Kwaku Bonsam said about Agraada that got people thinking.

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Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a renowned and outspoken fetish priest who has been in the spotlight for years has stepped forward to register his anger over Agraada's conversion. He said confidently that Agraada should stop deceiving herself and Ghanaians because her decision to burn the gods is ridiculous. He said nobody in this world can set the gods ablaze.

On a live stream on Facebook, he explained that the idea of burning or destroying the gods is practically impossible. We have allowed the white men to rob us of all our natural resources, and all we could get back is the Bible. He believes Ghanaians or Africa as a whole have been blindfolded with the Bible.

Kwaku Bonsam warns Agraada to return to the gods if and only if she's a powerful high priestess.This reaction from Kwaku Bonsam was televised immediately after Agraada's press conference where she denounced the gods.

"Our predecessors were proficient in serving the gods, and as a result, they were protected. We need to learn more and know the value of the gods", he added.

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