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Benefits of praying that need to know

People pray for so many reasons, all of which reveal the purpose and power of prayer. We are now going to examine some of the benefits of prayer.

Prayer changes everything for good.

Prayer is a discipline that enables you to place demand on God to release what is in heaven on the earth for your good. So people pray and keep praying to the true God because they recognize that prayer to Him changes everything, turning adverse situations around for good. Prayer brings freedom from oppression. To be oppressed means to suffer prolonged cruel or unjust treatment from someone or from people.

Prayer is the birthplace for supernatural ministry.

Every authentic ministry of God must be birthed through a strong prayer thrust. Prayer is the backbone on which it will stand, endure and overcome the challenges that come its way. It is vital for a Christian to build up a rich and consistent prayer life because prayer is tremendously beneficial on multiply fronts. The following are amongst the key benefits of prayer: Build a relationship with God A careful observation reveals that our lives are centered on building and sustaining relationships. Thus, we observe family relationships, professional relationships, romantic relationship s, interest groups, friendship, just to mention a few. A relationship enables individuals to share values, principles, ideals and interests, to the mutual benefit of all those involved. 

Prayer provides timely guidance when needed the most

There are moment s in life when we find ourselves in complex situations without a clear direction on how to proceed. This can range from mundane issues such whether to quit or stay in a particular job, to spiritual issues such as whether to worship in one ministry or the o ther. More often, we have very limited information to take grounded and correct decisions in such situations. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the likely future outcome of any decision that we might take. Thus, through prayer, we invite divine guidan ce into our souls to the effect that at some point in time, we develop absolute clarity on the right course of action to take in a given complex situation.

Prayer gives us access to greater grace and good fortune

A life rich in prayer enables us to establ ish and sustain channels through which divine grace and all types of blessings and good fortune pour into our life. This can be compared to a situation whereby an electric cable connects the electricity station and a particular household. It is by means of that cable that electricity flows from the power station to the household. More often, God is always willing to offer us grace and all other forms of blessings. However, some people have allowed the channels of communication between them and God to deprec iate to the degree that grace and other forms of blessing can hardly flow through these channels. Thus, even if God directs grace and blessings to the life of an individual, he might not be able to receive it; for instance, if the wire connecting the elect ricity station and the household has a defect, the household might not have electricity, even though there is abundance of electricity at the power station. Consequently, through prayer, our channels of communication are healthy and lively, enabling us to receive grace and other blessings in the measure that has been provided by God.

Prayer enriches us with wisdom and discernment

Suppose you are about to go on an annual holiday; and there are ten possible destinations where you can spend your holiday. You would make use of the information and experience at your disposal to determine the destination you believe to be the most deserving of all those ten destinations. By your discernment, the destination you have chosen is the one which is more likely to offe r you the most satisfactory set of experiences you are seeking. Nevertheless, through your own wisdom, it might be impossible to determine that a dangerous epidemic would break out in your chosen destination immediately upon your arrival there. However, if you prayed before choosing your destination, it would be possible for God to determine that there is an imminent epidemic outbreak in your chosen destination, such that you might be orientated to choose another destination. The type of wisdom at the dispo sal of God is called enlightened wisdom. This magnitude of wisdom allows God to view the future, and to understand the fullscale of the causes and consequences of any action to be undertaken. Thus, through prayer, we develop very sharp intuition that enab make the right decisions in any situation.

Prayer offers us more confidence

us to Even though we might be plagued by certain limitations in terms of resources and capacities, we still have confidence in whatever situation we find ourselves because we know that backup is available from the highest authority in heaven and earth. This certainty that we can access higher assistance in any situation boosts our confidence and self esteem at all times. Sometimes God can actually use other people to offer us a ssistance in any situation that we might find ourselves. There are numerous stories of people whose prayers had been answered even beyond their expectations. Consider for instance the son of a millionaire who might not have even a single penny with him, bu fully aware that in the event of any situation that requires finances, he would receive immediate backup from his father. Thus, though not in possession of his own independent income, the son of a millionaire is fully confident that he can fully rely t is on backup from his father.

Prayer enables us to recharge our spiritual and mental resources

Prayer of an intense character such as meditative or contemplative prayer enables us to explore the deepest recess of our soul, prompting it to release its extensi ve stock of virtues, such as love, kindness, compassion, humility, patience, perseverance, understanding, tolerance, generosity, serenity, just to mention a few. However, prayer also enables more of these virtues to flow from above into our consciousness, increasing the measure of these righteous elements into our being, offering us spiritual refinement and moral solidity.

Prayer enables us to recharge our spiritual resources

Prayer enables us to recharge our physical, emotional, mental and spiritu al resources with positive divine energy that streams into our consciousness during prayer. The river of fresh energy that pours into our consciousness during prayer energizes our thought power, sets the mind in the right frame, develops and stabilizes pos itive emotions, uplifts our spirit and increases our productivity.

Prayer enables us to develop internal peace

A typical modern life is characterized by anxiety because, the demands of life seem to exceed the time and resources available for us to fulfill them. Someone attending a job interview is anxious as to whether he would be the successful candidate of all those who have been interviewed. A mother is worried about her sick child who has been admitted in hospital. Worries might arise because we find o urselves in situations over which we have no control, but expect them to produce certain outcomes. The truth is that worries cannot offer us any real assistance, but they instead put us in a mood of agitation and loss of focus. However, when we pray, we in vite divine grace and serenity into our being, which naturally dispels anxiety.

Prayer enables us to perform the very best of what we can do, while allowing God to take care of those matters that are beyond our control.

Being aware that we have offered our best in a given situation, and that God is taking care of what is beyond our control automatically instills internal peace. With this state of internal peace and selfcontrol, we can even deal with situations in a more effective and satisfactory way becau se we are focused, collected and serene.

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