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Video: These muslim couple must seek for Allah's forgiveness

Muslims view marriage as sacred and matters of sexual related activities should not be done in the open. An illicit video of a muslim bride and groom has hit the Internet. According to the video, the couple were seen deeply kissing each other in the public.

The couple's behaviour is clearly not in conformity with what the Holy prophet of Allah and Al-Quran preached. Their untoward behaviour is haram and they must seek for Allah's forgiveness.

This latest misbehaviour should not be tolerated in our zongos and our Islamic Clerics and Mallams should preach against it. If the clerics refuse to preach against it, Allah's mercy will not be extended to us.

Muslim leaders in our zongos are already trying to fight numerous innovations that have found their way into Islam.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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