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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Used To Undress Me To Check Whether I Had Slept With Another Man: Apostle Grace Narrates

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Apostle Grace from Kitengela who owns the congregation by the name Faith vision church has described how her husband used to advise her to undress in the wake of coming back from prayers to check whether she was sleeping with men.

Apostle Grace was born and raised in Limuru, she stated that while young she was. A prayerful girl just like her other, she used to see vision which happened, She said that God would speak to her while she was asleep in a. voice with a reverberation.

Apostle used to inform her mother and they could pray about it, on one occasion a prophet told her mother she was. blessed because her young girl is a prophet and she should not stress.

While Grace met a man from murang' a, they got married and migrated there, she joined a congregation where she could see the vision and hear the voice talking to her with regards to the congregation.

The apostle stated that since she could go with her pastor to the congregation and prayer centers to pray, her husband would agree that they are in. a relationship when she got back. Grace said her husband used to command her to undress in order for him to check whether she has slept With a man.

After many years she decided to open. her congregation in litengela where she used to pray and. minister to people but she has been going through a great deal since there are people who could perceive her that she is a devil worshiper. , This has caused a ton of problems to her. to a degree of inciting other church members who have left the congregation.

The apostle said that the voice stills speaks to her to open a congregation which she is planning to open.

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