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Remember The Woman Who Turned To Pillar Of Salt In The Bible? See Recent Pictures And Location

The story of Lot's wife is one of the most compelling and sad testimonies in the Bible. This is the man who brings a great moral lesson to all Christians not to let the worries of this way of life overturn our life or salvation. The story begins when God tried to hurt Sodom and Gomorrah. So he sent angels to free Lot and his family, because they were the only people who deserved to be saved. The angel suddenly freed Lot, his wife, and two daughters from their home and sent them up the hill. He told them to flee to the mountains and none of them returned. So they hurried over, but Lot's wife, watching out of curiosity and longing for everything she had, looked back. So it immediately grew into a pillar of salt.

The interesting thing is that the pillar of salt that became it is still standing today. Always keeping in mind this time, the story of Man of Lot is passed on and the realm of the ladder is not forgotten. Long-time pilgrims testified that they inspected and even took small scraps from the Salt Party husband. Biblical scholars and researchers have also confirmed this fact that the Bible speaks of women in relevant passages. Here are some photos:

Apparently the pillar of salt has been damaged due to the wear and tear of the climate and various factors. But if you pay close attention, you will see that he looks like a slender man, like a woman. So it's most likely real because reportedly this is their pillar of salt.

The story of Lot's wife will continue to be a teaching for Christians until Christ comes. He ignored simple instructions and got them right away.

Humans are completely unaware of when God's wrath will come, so we should never underestimate His mercy when it occurs.

God help us.

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