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Christ Embassy And The Pneumatic

Two wrong does not make right and you never learn anything if you think you are always right. So it will be a disservice to society if anyone tries to justify the gathering of the Christ embassy members by comparing it to political gatherings or any other gathering for that matter but it does feels weird as if the church is under attack, It's like the backlash and the attack is intense when it has to do with the church

Covid 19 virus is one weird virus that is difficult to understand sometimes. I mean a lot of the things people do here in Ghana and get away with it in terms of the virus cannot be done elsewhere without getting the virus. But it does not mean people must relax or stop following protocol. People may be right in criticizing the christ embassy for organizing their program without following the covid 19 protocol. But the same intensity with which those criticism are pursued should also be address to other groups when they also organize events without following the covid 19 protocol

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