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Road Accident

Bizarre and unusual ways people died

Death is inevitable, it comes at a specific time but many people think it comes anytime. Everyone has a specific day he or she will die but only the creator, the person himself won't know.

Biscuits, foods and products also have a time to expire. The owner is the only one who knows the specific time the product will expire because it is indicated but the biscuit being a nonliving thing don't, likewise humans it's only our creator who knows.

God has plans for everyone, remember that it is stated clearly in the Bible that he knows what is ahead of us. In other words, he knows what will happen to us even though it have not happened yet.

Someone will take a car and trail down the road and all you will hear is a car accident. This is not witches and wizards or a planned thing, though it may be witches and wizards or someone planned it, it is your destiny if it happens like that.

It is God's plan that you die that way for a reason, if it is not God's will then you will be saved by any obstacles.

But if it is his will then so shall it be, that is why you must be very prayerful and worship God at all times because the witches and wizards do not rest, they are always looking for ways and means to destroy and harm humans.

However, let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Though a person's existence and demise is in God's hands, some people died bizarrely and unusual. Let's check them out:

A man's car was parked right under a huge tree, he was feeling tired and decided to sit under the tree and all of a sudden the tree broke down on the car crashing the car and the man to death. This is very unusual, it is beyond the ordinary.

How this man died is very bizarre and unusual, they were three digging a hole to make a small ''bula'' to irrigate the crops there. One of them went into the hole and tried bringing out the sand to make water to start coming out of the ground.

He went deep into the hole raking his half body in, no one knows what held him in the hole but they could here him screaming from inside the hole. They tried their possible best to drag him out but it was to no avail.

They called more people to help drag him out but still they couldn't. They now had to dig around the hole to bring him out but he was already dead.

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