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Before Stepping Out This Tuesday Morning Pray with this Powerful Prayer

Focusing your time and attention on seeking God's plan for the day depends on how prayer for you are. Prayer takes It All.

The Lord can do all things by the uncompromised Faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they were thrown in a blazing furnace but God delivered them.

They were unburnt and unharmed... Hallelujah

As we start the day we may be facing a lot of challenges but our ability to send no to some of the precious that may come with the challenges we will stand out at victorious today. It's by Prayer and good behaviour.

I therefore challenge you to seek God's presence each morning before you even attempt to do anything.

The Lord is capable of turning things around -from bad to good. The miracle worker is in today to see you through this day..... Hallelujah

Let's Pray:

Dear Lord, today is a new day and it's a wonderful chance for a new start. Yesterday is gone and with any regrets, Failures or mistakes, I may have experienced.

It's a good day to be glad and give thanks to you.

Oh Lord, where ever I go, let us spread love, joy, goodness and faithfulness.

Dear Lord, forgive us for when we don't thank you enough, for who you are, for all that you do, for all that you've given.

Help us to set our eyes and hearts on you afresh. Renew our spirit, fill us with your peace and love.

I love you and I need you this day and everyday.

I give you praise and thanks for you alone are worthy.

In Jesus's name...Amen

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