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You don’t need to build a house in heaven, live your best life on earth - Evangelist reveals

An evangelist widely known on Tiktok as Wisdom Speaks has advised Christians to live their best lives here on earth and forget about building mansions in heaven. 

In a chat on SVTV AFRICA with DJ Nyaami, Bernard Abu, as he is privately known, mentioned that God does not need Christians to build houses in heaven. Bernard indicated that according to the Bible, “heaven is a place of rest. We are going to rest.”

“You are small-minded if you believe you are waiting to die and go to heaven to drive the big cars and enjoy life. If you can afford the cars, buy them here. It is all deceptions. Churches put members through strange doctrines; some don’t even want to work.”

Moreover, Bernard mentioned that he believes Heaven exists. However, God does not need Christians to build the place up with their offerings. 

“All I care about is that after my death, I will have a place of rest in heaven. They tell them to pay more monetary offerings to build their houses in heaven instead of doing something here. God has done everything already. He doesn’t need you to come to build for him,” he reiterated. 

Wisdom uses wise sayings to spread the gospel on social media. He also motivates and inspires people with his speeches. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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