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Did You Know 10 years After Osama Bin Laden Death His Resident Has Been Turned To Evangelism Site

Cry of Desperation Families living near the compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2011 were given Bibles by Christians.

Woolford was the one who came up with the concept and had his crew deliver roughly 2,000 Bibles to the place.

According to Mission Network News, 100 Muslims recently surrendered at the feet of the Lord as a result of this campaign (MNN).

According to Jason Woolford, this program was carried out in collaboration with Pakistani missionaries.

Mission Cry is a non-profit organization that distributes free Bibles to those who are in desperate need of a spiritual connection.

Evangelizing in the former Bin Laden compound was difficult; the military instructed Christians to stop praying, but they refused and continued to demonstrate their faith.

A new Christian stated that she had no idea if God was in the Bible when it was delivered to her, but she was certain that she had been following a false God previously.

" Many of those folks, although being Muslims, were never able to obtain a Quran. " As a result, receiving a Bible was a unique experience," Woolford told MNN.

A team from Mission Cry also traveled to Afghanistan's border with Iran and Pakistan, where they interacted with members of the country's underground churches.

The operation to kill Osama bin Laden by the US military lasted roughly 40 minutes on the day he was killed rather than captured.

The terrorist, however, did not even protest the assault of his room, according to Mark Owen's (operation pseudonym Kevin Maurer) account in the book No Easy Day.

In addition, his AK-47 rifle was said to be in storage with no rounds.

Bin Laden's death, on the other hand, sparked suspicion. This is due to the fact that many people did not believe the incident would occur.

Some periodicals and organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, circulated conspiracy theories claiming that the operation was a hoax.

Only days later, when al Qaeda released a sorrow statement confirming the leader's assassination, did the mystery be solved.

Bin Laden was veiled according to Muslim traditions and buried in the Arabian Sea when he was launched from a helicopter covered in white towels because no country was willing to bury his body.

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