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You Are Not Born To Fail- Know This Truth And See Yourself Out Of Failure

The high level of failure and the rate at which everything you touch crumble can cause you to seriously doubt if you have any purpose in this life. Many people are now convinced that they are worthless in this life as a result of the massive failure they have encountered in every dimensions of their lives. Failure have caused many to consider unthinkable options like suicide.

We are all created by God. And the bible says God created us in his image and likeness. The one evidence which clearly proves that humans have been created in the image and likeness of God is our ability as humans to ‘create’. Humans over the years have managed to scientifically ‘create’ robots, car, computers etc., we have the DNA of the creator God hence our ability to ‘create’

Humans’ inventions are ‘created’ to serve a purpose. The robots, air planes, lightbulb, internal combustion engine, steam turbine etc. are all human ‘creations’ that serve very good purpose in the life of humans.

There is no single human creation that does not serve a purpose. All human creations serve good purposes. Come to think of it, if human ‘creations’ serve different unique purposes, will God, the Almighty father and architect of creation create without purpose? God forbid, it doesn’t even make sense. If humans are intelligent enough to ‘create’ for a purpose, wont it be an insult for you to think that God will do the opposite?

The point is, all of Gods creations serve different good purposes. Nothing is created without a purpose. The plants, animals, insects, water bodies, and humans. Do not think for once that you are worthless; God created you for a purpose that will make you unique and important in life.

Every hardship you may be going through in life simply points to ignorance of a truth. Only the Truth shall set you free. And this is the ultimate truth that will set you free; God created you for a purpose. The ignorance of your purpose is that which makes you seem worthless. As I will always say, ‘show me a man of purpose and I will show you a glorified man’. Lack of knowledge of your purpose will make you perish. Make no mistake, the ultimate quest of the devil is to prevent you from knowing your purpose in life. And if he succeeds, you are domed.

let your desire to know your purpose and to pursue it be your greatest quest in life.


You may be an accident but you are certainly not a mistake. We are not ignorant of the many human ‘creations’ (scientific inventions) which were ‘created’ incidentally, yet none of those ‘creations’ are without purpose. The microwave was invented by accident but it was not a mistake as we all can testify about the usefulness of the microwave.

Your parents may not plan your birth, you may be told it was by accident that you were conceived. But to God, you are not an accident neither are you a mistake. You are an answer God has given to the world. These are Gods own words towards you for I know the thought that I have towards you, thought of peace but not of evil, to give you an expected end.You are definitely not a mistake, God has a unique plan for you! You have a purpose! Find out and pursue it and you will become honorable.

Now you know you have been created for a purpose. know this one thing- the world is waiting for your manifestation. The whole world is in need of something you have being purposed by God to do. If You fail, you fail your children, your family, your generation and generations to come, and God.

Get up now and find out from your creator about his plan for you. Your purpose in this world. And if you find out, don’t waste any more seconds, just get up and start the pursuit of that purpose and I tell you, you will begin to see the glory, peace, and joy of the Lord in your life and not even the devil can rob you of that anymore.

God bless you...

Content created and supplied by: derrickmario (via Opera News )


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