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2 things the devil uses to bring you down in life that you need to beware of

Man's greatest enemy in this life is the devil, and the goal of devil being your greatest enemiey is to always bring you down. Your downfall is his happiness. He will always do all he can in his power to make sure your life is miserable, but the good thing is before all of these things happens, it depends on you. There are things that you do to yourself that are paving ways for the devil and his demons to easily pull you down.

There are only two things that the enemy can use against you and they are;

1. What you like most in your life

The devil always like using that which we value most or truly cherish to attack us and make us be in pain. For examole, everyone knows perfectly that, cats like meat. So whenever anyone wants to catch it, he uses meat to set a trap for it. That is how the devil and his demons also deal with you through your favourites. They can also take it away from you to cause you so much pains. So know how you deal with the things you value most so they won't act as a trap against you.

2. They also use your secretes against you

Always know how to handle your secretes. If you have an issue, idea, treasure or any other important thing you want to keep as a secrete, keep it to yourself. The moment you open to someone else, it's no more a secret and the devil will in return you it against and it can even be by the same person you revealed it to. Always beware of exposing your own secretes. You don't know where the devil or your enemy is hiding.

So be wise.

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