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Checkout One Of The Things Money Cannot Give You

Some people put all their minds and hope on making more money, saying that money answers all things. That is not true. Any one who is telling you that type of rubbish is only trying to deceive you because that person doesn't just like you. Whether the person is your relative or not, that person doesn't still value you. What your mind should really be focused on is how you can finish this earthly race successfully.

Finishing this earthly race successfully literally means that you would need to devote most of your time with the Word of God. You are devoting most of your time with the Word of God because it is the only tool that can assist you in making heaven. I know quite well that we humans aren't perfect enough to make heaven, and that is why you need Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only true way which you could use and get to God.

There is no shortcut other than Jesus Christ. He is the true bread that fell down from heaven. Money is the root of all evil no doubt, but that doesn't still stop you from making money. You are supposed to make money in a legit and legal way, not by snatching people' s properties with guns and knives etc. One or those things that money cannot give you is the complete satisfaction that you need.

I have heard of rich men who aren't comfortable in their marriages. If money could buy everything, then why can' t it buy happiness in their marriage. Do you now understand what I am talking about? For your own information, whatever you become in life or you gather in life to yourself without Jesus in your life is completely useless. I mean this and this is the more reason why I am telling you. Hallelujah.

Dear brethren, let us pray: In my heart, come in to my heart Lord Jesus, come in today come in to stay, come in to my heart Lord Jesus.

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Jesus Christ


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