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Modern Day Samson: Ugandan Man Sustains Injuries After Fighting A Lion He Met Near His Home

Most of us have heard the story about Samson in the Bible. The Bible described him as a man with power and indeed, it is so. One of the achievements of this man which still resonates in our minds up to this date, is how he overcame a lion he came across. This guy literally fought the lion all by himself and ended up being victorious.

I remember the first time I heard such a story in the Sunday school. I was like, "What man can do this amazing stuff?" I do know that atheists have always rejected such a story claiming they are all lies and no one can do such a thing.

Well, a Ugandan has disproved them all and has actually shown the world that it is possible!!! This Ugandan man is from CMS l Ganga District, Eastern Uganda is currently nursing wounds after fighting a lion he met near his home. The amazing part of it all is that, he just didn't fight the lion, he overpowered it and went ahead to kill it.

I had doubts about what I would do if a snake came around my home when I was a kid. I was always like, "I would run away leaving me kids" just because I had a phobia for snakes but the funny thing is, once you have the kids, there is a strength from somewhere which makes you protect them no matter the situation.

This is the same strength which inspired the man to defeat the lion, I guess. He is currently at the hospital, nursing his wounds but he is definitely going down in history as one of the bravest men in the world.

To prevent viewer discretion, I made the picture black and white but you can still see the marks on his chest and blood all over his body. Indeed, he is the modern day Samson!!!

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