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3 Ghanaian Churches That Don't Allow Their Women To Wear Earrings And Necklace

Some Christians believe it is wrong for women to wear makeup or jewelry, citing a couple of New Testament passages that seem to forbid such things. 

Some Ghanaian churches forbid their members from wearing some artificial make ups, including earrings, as well as wearing make-up. Some go so far as to forbid women from wearing trousers, believing that doing so is a mortal sin that will land them in Hell. 

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Some faiths' doctrines and practices can be difficult to follow if you enjoy fashion and want to experiment with various styles. There are dozens of people who go to those churches regardless of the issues, and they adhere to the doctrines as prescribed since they have Heaven as their ultimate goal.

In my own opinion and research here are 3 churches that seems to forbid earrings in their church.

1) Jehovah witness

Yes they forbids. However, it’s much like the situation with beards they forbids women wearing earrings or pierce their body .

2) Deeper Christian Life Ministries

Genetic photos only used for illustrative purpose

Deeper Christian Life Ministries, also known as Deeper Life Bible Church, is one of the churches that forbids women from wearing earrings and necklaces. 

In accordance with its stringent theology, female members are not allowed to wear earrings or make clothes.

3) Christ Apostolic Church

Christ Apostolic Church is the last church mentioned in this article that forbids its female members from wearing earrings and necklaces.

We know there are many good churches here in Ghana they forbids women wearing make up and earrings. You can add yours too and tell us what you think about churches that forbid their women wearing make up, necklace and earrings.

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