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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion: "I Will Never Give Maximum Respect To My Pastor Than My Husband" - Woman Brilliantly Claims

Due to the provision of physical and spiritual support by pastors to their church members, an increasing amount of christians cherish their pastors to their spouses. Most christians see their pastors as their "spiritual father" and as such consult and encounter them with their diverse situations to seek healing, advice and support which makes them acknowledge their them more to their spouses.

A video which was taken to the internet and currently surfacing online revealed a woman disclosing her concern on the improper allocation of respect and time by women to their husbands and pastors.

In the video, the woman initially claimed there is no way she would obey her pastor than her husband.

Therefore she posed a simple question that; "what is the duty of a pastor's wife" which indeed is undoubted.

According to her, why should a wife close from church on Sunday and still remain there claiming to be in the mission house working for the pastor, whiles her husband and children would be leaving for work and school respectively the following day which is on Monday, and therefore she has to be at home for preparation.

She further claimed what's the essence of people praising their pastors with all kinds of names like "dady", "man of God", etc and kneeling to bow down to them, and she finds this unnecessary.

According to her, she will never kneel for her pastor because her knees are for her husband and her husband is her prophet.

"I have to respect my husband because my husband is my prophet and king; there is no two ways about that" she claimed.

Moreover, she concluded by cautioning woman to "wise up" and respect their husbands which will make their husbands adequately provide for their needs and love them very much.

She gave a clear instance that if you pumper your husband and always conversing about the progress of your family, why wouldn't your husband love you more and provide for you.

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