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Check out photos of the beautiful lady who said Christianity is a joke

Many people in the world now has a different perception about the way Christian behave and worship their Supreme God.

Many has come out to make their stands in their beliefs in Christianity and today, we come out with another great model personnel who has made her stands in Christianity.

Lydia is an American-born video vixen, model, and entrepreneur. Lydia is 23 years old and has been in business since she was 17 years old. She grew up in a family that did not go to church or know anything about Christianity. Lydia has many Christian relatives, but she does not consider Christianity to be a religion. Her main goal in life is to be successful.

She believes that Christians only go to church and then go out to do wrong, so she opposes their belief that if they sin and ask God for forgiveness, they will be forgiven.

According to her Christianity is more like a joke and need not to practiced.

Below are lovely and beautiful pictures of her.

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