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How to use Taameawu and garlic to solve spiritual problems.


Taameawu is one the powerful spiritual herbs used in Africa especially Ghana. It has been the only herb in Ghana which speeds up it work spiritually when it is appreciated with a coin under it. Due to its powerful nature it is almost planted in all traditional homes in order to deal with all spiritual problems.


Garlic is of the powerful items used in the world. It is used to give solutions to both spiritual and physical problems. Garlic is widely used in the Arabian countries due to its powerful nature. When garlic is combined with other spiritual herbs it performs miraculous works like never before.

How to use garlic and taameawu to solve spiritual problems

Stage 1: Grind seven(7) leaves of taameawu and three garlic in an earthenware bowl.

Stage 2: Add a rainwater or a stream water or a river or water from the well

Stage 3: Use a white or black filter to separate the liquid part from the solid part.

Stage 4: speak your problems on the solid part and burry it.

Stage 5: pray on the liquid part and apply it on your room or pour a small portion into your water and bath with it for seven (7) days

NB: You will begin to see strange things in your dream but please if that happens don't stop the direction continue till the seven days.

Benefits of the direction

*For marriage problems

*For relationship issues

*Financial breakthrough

*Improvement in business

Thanks for practicing the direction for a successful results. Let's share, comment and follow for more updates.

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