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Why Aqsa Mosque is Important to Muslims.

Al- Aqsa mosque is the third Holiest site in Islam after makka and Madina, and on top of Temple Mount sits the Dome of the Rock, this is where Muslims say prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was ascended to heaven.

The following are also some reasons:

1. There are the graves of many prophets including prophet Ibrahim ( peace be upon him) and Moses (peace be upon him).

2. Before the Kaaba, Muslims used to turned to the Aqsa mosque by the command of Allah and perform Prayers.

3. It was here that Allah's friend, our beloved prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) was Praying with all the prophets and Angels.

4. From here, Hazrat Muhammad ( peace be upon him) was riding on the Bora to meet Allah.

5. The names of Hazrat Adam ( A.S) and Sulaiman (A.S) are involved in the construction of the mosque.

6. Involved with this, is the rare incident of that famous camel of Caliph Hazrat Umar ( R).

7. There are innumerable memories of the Great Sultan Salauddin Ayubi associated with it.

8. For this Mosque, Stones have been lifted by the jinns from the botton of the Sea to build it.

9. If one prays 2 rak' ats in this Mosque, the reward of 25,000 rak'ats of Prayers is written.

10. This Mosque is most discussed in the Holy Qur'an.

O Allah, protect this Aqsa Mosque.

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