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Jesus the life giver

Many attributes Jesus to be a religious leader who came to form a new religion called Christianity but thus a wrong perception of the saviour of the world. Jesus declared His purpose in John 10:10b " I am come that you might have life(ZOE )and have it in abundance" . John 20:31 defines the purpose of the written word of God , LIFE ( ZOE) is the main reason why the Apostles of Christ documented the gospels. It's written to be read and believe and after believing, LIFE ( ZOE) through His name is the benefit if we read with intention of possessing what we read . This ZOE had been the intention of God for man before creation ( Titus 1:2) . If the God kind of LIFE ( ZOE) is not your focus of being a believer then you must start questioning the genuineness of your Christian faith . This LIFE enlightens us( John1:4)to know the realities of God's existence, His purpose of creation and our reasons for being on this planet and life after our journey through this life,( John1:9 ) Christianity is a beautiful thing if you get the right doctrines Seek this ZOE if you are not born again or probably you are born again but you are not sure of the presence of this ZOE in you . Nothing is late CHRIST JESUS is ready for you if you dare to possess ( believe) Him . Bless your heart

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