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Pastor Mensah Otabil's Greater Works Compared To Obinim's Miracle Oil Gets Twitter Busy

A huge debate is raging on twitter over which of these two head pastors; Pastor Mensah Otabil of International Central Gospel Church , and Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim of International God's Way Church, charges the most for miraculous aid or deliverance.

The conversation which was started by Rondo on his handle asked; "Otabil charged $5k and things... How's this different from Obinim selling announcing oil for 1k cedis?"

His questioned suggested that Obinim deserves some respect for what he does in his ministry and not to be crusified because other renowned pastors in the country like Pastor Mensah Otabil is no different of these accusations.

He attached one of the offertory rates that were published by the ICGC for its Greater Works event.

The responses on twitter remarked that 'we being hypocritical' with what these men of God do.

"Like if it was Obinim ibi case hmmm Gh full of hypocrites.There are big churches who even collect money from their church members than obinim but sakeof education nti hmm" someone replied.

Another responded that; "Good Ghana if U preach in TWI u are classified as A FAKE PASTOR, but if U preach in ENGLISH diaaa U are CALLED BY GOD"

Look at the chats below.or follow link to learn about the heated argument.

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