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Muslim Man Discloses What Happened To Him After Believing In Jesus Christ As The Messiah.

Siraj Wahhaj, a Muslim, said in a video that he believes Jesus is the Messiah. He declared that the Quran bestows the title Al-Masih on Jesus, and that no other prophet is permitted to use it.

He believes that Jesus is the Messiah and that whoever believes in Him will be at peace.

Siraj, after embracing Jesus as the Messiah and reaping the rewards, urged other Muslims to do the same.

Jesus is mentioned eleven times in the Quran, according to him, and Christ is translated as "The Anointed."Once you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, you will experience immediate peace because He has come to fulfil His mission as a just ruler. We are not ashamed of our faith in Jesus.

Please repent and embrace Jesus Christ until He returns so that you can profit from all of His blessing. Please comment, like and follow us for more interesting articles. Thank you.

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