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The Muslim Woman Is To Be Valued, Adored and Loved

The Muslim woman is the most beautiful creature on of all creatures on planet earth. Being the best, Allah has named a whole chapter in the Holy Quran after a woman [Quran Chapter 4]. She carries the home, tends family and commands lots of respect in the world.

Men need to know that, a woman is not a commodity or toy of amusement in the market, but a real partner to a man who has rights of her own and deserves utmost respect.

For the value of women if known in the sight of Allah, men love they were created women. Like Queens and Princesses, Women are to be adored, Loved, Worshipped and to be Cherished.

Good men are for good women and good women are for good men, words of Allah in the Holy Quran.The Holy Prophet says, the best of you are the best to their women.

Women just like men are not 100% in all things, each has short falls in one way or the other. Patience is required from both parties for peaceful coexistence.

To live in harmony men need to exercise patience over everything women do, and know that what bind them together is greater than the anger. 

Lets adore, cherish and hold the Muslim Woman in high esteem for they are Mothers of Mankind.

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