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How To Position Yourself To Hear God Speak

Before God Speaks to Moses

Moses grew up in a palace in Egypt. Yet he didn’t couldn’t ignore the cry of his people. At age forty he sees an Egyptian cruelly punishing an Israelite and takes things into his own hands. The Egyptian doesn’t live to see another day.

Fearing the consequences of his actions, Moses flees to the desert and stays… for forty more years.

The burning bush is a wonderful story in the Old Testament. It sets in motion the miracle-filled journey of Moses going back to Egypt and leading the Israelites out of slavery.

Moses Could Have Missed God Speaking

Sure, God had to talk Moses into going. Moses didn’t think would believe God sent him. Moses didn’t think he was good enough at speaking. But, Moses couldn’t have missed the whole thing if he hadn’t been curious.

The Holy Bible says that Moses saw the bush on fire and thought it strange. It was only when he went to check it out that God spoke to him. “When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, ‘Moses! Moses!'(Exodus 3:2-4)

I think God oftentimes is waiting for us to see if we are interested before speaking.

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