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What I saw after I died on earth was sorrowful - Sister Gracia


When I died, I was transported to heaven. I was shown the movie of my life right from birth. Everything was filmed and recorded. I could not deny anything. Later the angels transported me to visit hell. Beloved, this is the time we must proclaim the good news of the Gospel in a loud voice.

What is sad is even as we are speaking, many are landing in hell. Over there people call Jesus for help. They ask for one second opportunity to repent but it’s too late. There are many departments in hell. We were traveling from one department to another.

When we went to the youth department, I was horrified, and I shouted in compassion and horror. As a result, a monitor appeared. I saw Jesus Christ on the cross crying like a baby for these people. The angel said to me, “Gracia your shout of mercy and horror has reached heaven and the heart of Jesus who started to cry for these damned souls because His blood cannot save them anymore.

In this scenario, there is nothing Jesus can do for them. Then I saw blood was coming out of Jesus’ hands. In this department, I saw demons torturing a young woman. They spread her legs the way we do with chicken. They went to take knives and sharp instruments and they perforated her with these knives.

Imagine knives in your intimate parts how it hurt. Repeat after me, "I am not going to hell in the name of Jesus!!!" Then I saw a demon coming with a penis of steel. Let me tell you I was a prostitute; I saw all things but not a penis in steel. The length of this penis was one meter. The lady was torn apart every time the demon was raping her.

After minutes her body was coming back together again, and it was a repeated cycle. The angels said, “Gracia, the young woman that is tortured, her name is Clarice, she was a choir singer and a pastor translator, but one day she went to commit fornication. While she was coming back home, she was hit by a car, she did not have time to repent."

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