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I was surprised the beautiful lady I met on the street took me to the undersea world - Pastor Eni

There are spiritual encounters that may go unnoticed by the general public. Occult activities are mystical in and of themselves, hence the need to keep them hidden.

Bro Emmanuel was once interested in the occult, which explains how he came into contact with maame water (queen of the coast). He stated I went for a walk one evening and came across a young beautiful lady standing. I never said anything to her. I saw her standing in the same spot the next day while passing by.

He described how he kept seeing this lady until the day she made the first move. The third day, I saw her still standing in the same spot, and as I passed by, she called out to me.

I came to a halt and introduced myself as Emma, but she refused to introduce herself. I inquired about her name and address, but she only laughed. She inquired about mine, and I replied.

Nothing at this point indicated that she was not a genuine human being. Emmanuel maintained his pleasant demeanor. She promised to pay me a visit when I was about to leave. That was impossible, I reasoned, because I hadn't given her my address.

Emmanuel went about his daily activities without thinking about it until an unexpected incident occurred. After a week of that meeting at the bus stop, I heard a knock on my door. There she was, the enigmatic lady. In my mind, I welcomed her. (I wondered who this lovely lady was, and if she was aware she was on dangerous ground?) She left after I entertained her.

Their friendship was thriving now that she had overcome the first hurdle, because they felt at ease with themselves. Her visits became more frequent after that first one, despite the fact that she had no relationships.

I noticed that during her visits, she stuck to a schedule and would not arrive a minute earlier or later. During some of her visits, I'd take her to the beach or a hotel. Despite their close friendship, Emma did not take the time to get to know her because he had received specific instructions from his occult leaders.

All the while, she refused to tell me her name. I decided not to be concerned because I knew the relationship would not progress any further. I'd already been told not to touch a woman.

It was time to make the most important move after they had gotten to know each other for a while. She abruptly switched from day to night visits. During one of my visits, she said to me, "Now it's time for you to come visit me." We stayed together that night and left at 8 a.m. the next day.

We boarded a bus, and she directed the driver to the beach. Stopping at the seaside at that particular time was strange, but since Emma was into the occult, he felt at ease. As we came to a halt, I asked her, "Where are we going?" “Don't worry, you'll get to know my house,” she said. She led me to a beach corner, tied something around us like a belt, and then a force came from behind and pushed us into the sea.

We took off from the surface of the water and flew straight to the ocean. These events occurred in my physical form. We sank into the seabed at one point, and I was surprised to see us walking along an expressway. We moved to a city with a lot of people, all of whom were very busy.

Emma traveled to the spiritual world in this manner. It happened when he noticed a lady standing by the side of the road. This is an unusual world. There are a lot of humans who aren't really humans. We must be cautious about the types of friendships we enter into and the people we approach. Please subscribe to my page for more posts like this.

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Bro Emmanuel Emma


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