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Muslims should reject intolerance and extremism

Muslims have been encouraged to put the peace and common humanity at the heart of everything that they do.

Maulvi Mohammed Quaye, Bolgatanga Zonal Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, asked that they said no to extremism and intolerance.

The expectation was that every one of would put on public display good deeds, generosity, care for others and to peacefully coexist with all.

The Zonal Missionary was addressing a conference of the Majlis Ansarullah in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region.

The Majlis Ansarullah is a wing of the Ahmadiyya Mission - an exclusive club of people aged 40 years and above.

The conference which brought members of the mission from across the region, provided the platform to discuss how to keep healthy.

It was also used to take a critical look at the activities of the mission and the way forward to sustain it on the path of growth. 

Maulvi Quaye spoke against violent and cruel conduct and said these were not the right things to do by anybody and should be avoided.

Islam he said, neither encouraged nor supported inhumanity.

He called for Muslims to pray and work towards promoting global peace.

Hamid Abdul-Wahab Adam, Upper East Zonal President of the Majlis Ansarullah, underlined the need for the people to take good care of themselves and the environment.

He noted that those aged 40 years and above were more predisposed to non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension and that was why thy needed to be more particular about their health.

They should make sure that they regularly exercised their bodies.

Jaladeen Abdulai, Regional President of the Mission, said every effort would be made to complete the Bolgatanga Mosque.

The project, he said, would be ready, come next year.

Muslims youth are often accused of being violent and radical. Some indeed are, but there several others out there who have been examples for others to emulate.

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