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One of my big manifestation successes; You can do it too

Hey guys, if you read my previous article you'd know that I started teaching about a spiritual law called The Law Of Assumption. If you haven't read it yet, please check it out so this article makes sense to you. This article right here is to encourage you and help you see that The Law Of Assumption does work and if you decide to start practising it everything will flow in your favour. With that being said let's dive in...

This success story happened when I was in school. I have heard a lot of success stories of people who put the law into action so I decided to try it too. My father sometimes sends me random cash aside from my monthly allowance and it had been a while since he sent any so I had stopped expecting it. I decided to use that to test the law. So I created the affirmation "Daddy just sent me fifty cedis for fruits". I looped this affirmation in my head over and over and whenever I had opposing thoughts I quickly brushed them away and reminded myself that I could get whatever I wanted. I visualised seeing the notification telling me my exact affirmation. I will talk more about visualisation in my next article. I started affirming in the morning and occasionally during the day I got occupied and forgot to affirm but immediately my desire crossed my mind I started affirming again and pushing away all negative thoughts.

At a point, the negative thoughts did not come anymore and I was affirming naturally without even being conscious of it. By evening I had a class so I was seated in my lecture hall and I decided to check my phone for the time. What I saw left me in awe! It was a notification from my father telling me exactly what I was affirming. The picture is inserted down below.

I was so shocked I wanted to scream. I had my answer. The Law Of Assumption really did work. So I have been consciously manifesting ever since. Put into action everything I teach and you will have success stories too. Please save this post and feel free to comment on any successes you get so others can be inspired too. I will write another success story article so be sure to follow me so you don't miss out.

Have a lovely day!! :)

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