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Meet the man with the longest and largest stomach that will make you think he is pregnant

Many people are created differently and uniquely and I think it's a blessing. Some people's own happens to be a curse because the effect it brings to them is one they cannot bear.

One with long neck will be mocked at and called a giraffe, the person will feel ashamed and that uniqueness turns out to be a curse but the long neck is there for a reason.

I hope you know the God we serve who created us in his own image and likeness, he us very intelligent and powerful and don't think such God will create a person just like that.

He knows what will happen the days ahead of you, so why do you think he will create people just like that. If you see a person that looks unusual please do not laugh because it's a curse.

Yes, a curse because you are trying to say what God created is funny. Something he created in his own image and likeness is not nice or what, please do not make such mistakes.

We must sometimes put ourselves in God's shoes, if it was to be you who created something in your own likeness and people laughs at you what will you do and how will you feel?

And at the same time you have the power to destroy those laughing at your creations in just seconds what will you have done? Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Some people are created with the longest body parts in the world and it's very unsual or not ordinary.

The picture above shows a couple and the one at the right hand side is the man and you'll think he's pregnant but he isn't. He has the longest and largest stomach as a male which will make you think he's pregnant.

You will think it is a stomach tumour or a pet belly bur it is not, he visited the hospital but was told it was natural because there is nothing in his belly it's just long and large.

What is your say in this?

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