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Do this Natural Freedom Spell from unwanted energies that causes sickness, failure, hatred, bad luck

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about sickness, failure, hatred, bad luck.

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Get sand from the church as ushers sweep.

Get sand from four ways junction.

Get three miracle leafs.

If a woman, add 7, but if a man add 9 small dried pepper to the sand.

Write your intentions in a plain white paper.

Put everything into the white paper and fold it 4x away from you.

In the midnight, put fire with woods, when the fire increased very well, remove all clothes in your body to enjoy the heat from the fire.

Now put the paper with everything in it into the fire.

Read the whole Psalms 91 continuously and other prayers to address your issue until the fire goes off.

Cover yourself, and leave.

This is tested positive and powerful and you must do it as I have written it so you don't get any side effects.




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