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By their fruits we shall know them. What are the fruits for determining a true prophet

You shall know them by their fruits. This is what our beloved Lord taught us.

He said by their fruits you shall know them. Then He asked the question, do men gather vine under a thistle or grape under a thornbush?

Our answer will be certainly no. In the Akan parlance, the same will be said as a crab does not give birth to a bird.

If by their fruits we shall know them, then what are the fruits. You need to know the fruits before you can know the person or the tree. Orange three must produce oranges as ifs fruits. Pear tree must produce pears as ifs fruits. So what are the fruits of a prophet. Before we answer that question, let us establish the fact that what you gather from a tree is what is its fruits.

So what are you suppose to gather from a prophet. If the person is a prophet from God, then what you gather from a prophet must first come from God.

Do prophets offer a different product from Apostles, teachers, Evangelist, etc

The answer is no. What did Christ offer as, what He offered us is the same thing He will send His servants the prophets to give us

We know Christ came to offer eternal life or salvation of the soul to his apostles.

We should therefore expect Him to send His servants to offer us same if He is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever.

Therefore anyone who is not teaching salvation of the soul by training apostles but is teaching another thing, the same is a false prophet.

The Holy Spirit gives eternal life, therefore if the Holy Spirit is in a prophet, he must teach the way of salvation as Christ taught it

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